Is picking the right product driving you up the Wall ?

Let us help you with making a choice.

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We can help with making it useful.

You have a tangled web of
Applications ?

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Whether you’re new to Siebel or looking for enhancements, upgrades or new functionality we will be happy to talk to you about it. While we have experience working in multiple modules and verticals,  we consider our greatest strengths to be in Product Configurator, Pricing, Quotes (CPQ) & Order Management. Something that other companies cannot provide, leadership. Siebel is the Gold standard for Customer Engagement software and will remain so for years to come and you can get value in your investment.

imgresIf you are a small or a large business and needs a new Salesforce implementation or want to explore ways that Salesforce can be enhanced to meet your needs or even a custom app, we can help your business with a affordable solution. We are fully capable of using existing app exchange apps or developing ones that more closely meet your needs. We have an engineering background and enjoy new challenges. If you have never had a Customer relationship software, this is what we would encourage you to get started on.

Our Services

We help you build, extend, rationalize your customer experience strategy. We can help with product selection, project management, vendor management, staff augmentation, reviews and even fix a messy situation. We can help with a small project or need you have or be part of a larger team performing transformation services.


We are technology agnostic. Platforms are just tools to build the solution you need. We focus on the solution you need than go about figuring out how technology can meet your needs. Whatever your chosen platform, be it Salesforce, Siebel, Oracle On Demand or MS Dynamics CRM, we can help you in various capacities.

Our Skills

We look at your needs as an outsider, providing a unbiased and blunt assessment. We are intellectually curious and want to know the “why” and figure out “where” you want to go. We don’t go spending time developing case studies, best practices & other big company jargon that has absolutely no meaning to you. We focus on you and what is important to you.

Custom Apps

We thrive at imagining and designing entirely custom solutions and apps. We look at your needs and bridge the gaps and enhance the things that work well. With the engineers and dreamers in place we come up with a solution that is authentically built for you.

Make your organization customer centric. Ask how you can delight your customer and the sales and loyalty will follow.

"“Ivan is a very competent Siebel architect / analyst / programmer and can help solution the difficult issues that can arise during a Siebel implementation or upgrade.” "

− Former Director at Philips Healthcare (Retired)

"He is one of the very few developers that I can trust when faced with an impossible task."

− Direct Supervisor, Philips Healthcare

"I had the pleasure of working with Ivan over the course of almost 2 years at Premera. Our main area of emphasis was to implement a Product Administration module in Siebel to replace a standalone custom application that housed all the data for maintaining the very complex structures of our Medical, Dental, and Pharmacy products. Prior to Ivan joining the team, we had been advised by numerous other consulting agencies, that our products were far too complex to be able to use Siebel's Product Administration tools. Ivan was able to work closely with our internal business partner in the Sales organization to understand what was needed and replace and vastly improve on the functionality in the former system. He willingly delved into areas outside his area of expertise in order to get things done. He also provided training, proofs of concept as needed, and documentation in the process of developing, implementing, and going live. Of note was his truly innovative design that helped our business partner to create logic-based rules to limit product configurations inside the Siebel Product Configurator. This saved thousands of man-hours and will continue to be a huge savings in maintaining our product catalog. In addition, I truly enjoyed working with Ivan. He brought a good sense of humor to the workplace (essential in a project of our scale), and worked well across a broad spectrum of the project hierarchy."

− Project Team member, Premera

"Ivan was a critical member of a development team that implemented one of the most complicated Siebel Sales applications with a customized product configurator. "

− Client, Philips Healthcare

"At Philips Ivan provided longstanding ''top-of-the-line" expertise in all matters involving IT development and design tasks pertaining to the Siebel CRM/Configurator/Quoting application. His extensive skills and knowledge were frequently utilized not only to provide technical solutions but also business solutions involving very complex requirements. Ivan was known throughout the organization, by both technical and business managers, as the top expert on all aspects of the Siebel application"

− Senior Manager, Philips Healthcare